Specialist in Transport
Central in Europe
Thanks to the advantageous location - close to the A12, A2 and A1 – the delivery and transit of conventional commodities passes off smoothly. Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics disposes of 25 towing units and - depending on the commodities that are to be transported - utilizes volume combinations, citytrailers, common combinations and megatrailers, trailers and semi-trailers for the transport of goods.
Your goods in reliable hands
If you entrust your costly commodities to a transporter, you want to be sure that they are in reliable hands and reach their destination right on time. Naturally, the same goes for the storage: the commodities represent a value that is only entrusted to a company that surrounds them with all the possible care and attention. Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics is the obvious party in the market to this aim.

Custom-made support
Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics offers custom-made support. For no two transports are the same and the wishes of customers often differ. Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics has attuned its total management to this and makes the greatest possible effort to settle all the orders fast, flexibly and strictly on time.
in good hands custom-made support

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