Specialist in logistic services
Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics is the expert in the field of logistic services. Upon receipt all the shipments are checked and registered for storage. Then feedback information is sent to the customer in accordance with the quality policy that we stick to.

Value Added Logistics
With a view to the excellently fitted out storage and transshipment facilities, Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics knows like nobody else to give the interpretation to the Value Added Logistics that customers want in transport and distribution of commodities in the Netherlands and abroad.
Customs bonded warehouse
As an extra service Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics disposes of its own customs bonded warehouse. The advantage is that customers can store goods with us that were bought outside Europe without the need to pay any import duties. Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics does not settle the required customs formalities until the goods are sold within Europe. This extra service is an absolute advantage for many customers and forms an integral part of the total service of Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics.

experts Customs bonded warehouse

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