Safety guaranteed
Obviously, safety is one of the most important issues in the storage and transshipment of dangerous goods. Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics has fitted out its storage and transshipment facilities in accordance with the strict CPR 15-2 demands. So, if you decide to entrust the storage and/or transshipment of dangerous goods to us, you may rest assured that it is all in reliable hands.

Ultra modern provisions
Automatic fire extinguishers, explosion-proof forklift trucks provided with gas detection systems, and liquid-tight floors and foundations belong to the standard provisions with Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics. Trouble nor expense are spared to be able to handle the goods that are entrusted to us safely and soundly, reliably and fast.

Reliable, flexible and service-aimed
Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics is a reliable, flexible and service-aimed organization that makes the greatest possible effort to serve its customers. If you decide to take your chance with us, you are sure of optimal service and can rely on us to always meet the agreements made. Besides, you can count on a very flexible service, for your interest is of overriding importance to us.

Modern provisions dangerous goods

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