Storage and transshipment of dangerous goods
Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics is the specialist in the storage and transshipment of dangerous goods. The strictest CPR demands apply: CPR 15-2. A fire is detected within 1 minute and under control within 3 minutes.

Storage problems solved
The storage of dangerous goods requires special provisions to guarantee the safety for people and environment. Not everybody disposes of sufficient storage capacity that meets the applicable CPR demands. Therefore Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics is the obvious address for storage and transshipment of dangerous goods for an increasing number of customers.

Custom-made transshipment
Besides storage, Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics can also see to the transshipment of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods shipped in in bulk, are transshipped in a hall that is especially fitted out to this purpose to meet all the safety requirements.
Van Appeldoorn Chemical Logistics is the obvious party for your warehousing of dangerous goods. In our warehouse the modern tracking and tracing system with batch numbers guarantees a perfect stock management of all shipments of dangerous goods that are shipped in.

Customs bonded warehouse
As an extra service Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics disposes of its own customs bonded warehouse. The advantage is that customers can store goods with us that were bought outside Europe without the need to pay any import duties. Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics does not settle the required customs formalities until the goods are sold within Europe. This extra service is an absolute advantage for many customers and forms an integral part of the total service of Van Appeldoorn Transport & Logistics.


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